“What could you teach me?”

A lot, if you keep an open mind

I can teach you how to

  • Solve Rubik’s cubes: 2x2 and 3x3
  • Tie one of over 100 knots
  • Cultivate living yeast from flour and water

I can teach you how to

  • Write semantic HTML
  • Write smarter CSS
  • Write self-documenting JavaScript

I can teach you how to

  • Be better prepared for an interview
  • Get more job descriptions based on your resume
  • Identify the right places to apply for a job

I can teach you how to

  • Find an answer using Google
  • Find the error in your program or web application
  • Find the point you want to make with your chart or graph

I can teach you how to

  • Pick the right chart for your presentation
  • Highlight the right value(s) within your data
  • Summarize your argument based on that data

I can teach you how to

  • Test your web application for accessibility problems
  • Predict accessibility defects
  • Sell others on the need and benefits of designing inclusively

All you need is curiosity, an open mind, and a way to confirm whether you are learning

  • Use your words
  • Use your emotions
  • Use your facial expressions
  • Use your brain
  • Use your hands
  • Use your ears
  • Use your child-like sense of wonder

What would you like to learn next?




Designer, Developer, DataViz, Dad • rmion.com

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Robert Mion

Robert Mion

Designer, Developer, DataViz, Dad • rmion.com

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