Watch your language

What makes ‘the worst word’ so satisfying to utter?

The most dreadful word — the ‘f’ word — is of particular interest.

It seeps its way into conversations as nearly every part of speech.

It is a terrible word.

But its ingredients make for a delightful and easily mastered collection of sounds, mouth and tongue formations, and gusto.


To make this sound, you must press your teeth upon your curled bottom lip. This is a natural action for someone who may be angry, having just been ordered against their nature — in a variety of nice or provoking ways.


This might be the first sound we learn as small humans. To utter it, we merely open our mouths and generate noise. Each other vowel sound requires even a small amount of work in forming our lips. This one? Nothing.

And it can go on for as short or long as you need. The longer, the more passionate your claim.


It’s a delightfully hard sound. When uttered, it can sound like a match being lit. It starts and ends almost simultaneously. The trailing exhaust can be a nice aftertaste for the vocal cords, too.

Parents and children: watch your language.

But recognize that some words — albeit terrible — were designed to go mainstream.

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