“Goodbye, Meetup”: Stepping down from my virtual coding Meetup of four years

A recap of topics, highlights, frustrations and self-reflection…and advice for the beginners who I may no longer have a chance to meet

On Jan. 18, 2017, I facilitated my first Meetup.

To this day, it remains the best meetup event I ever facilitated, in my opinion.

Why was it the best?

For a variety of reasons, no meetup since then has successfully met all four of those criteria.

I tried hard, though.

Speaking of topics…here were several:

I recorded some of the events

What went right?

What could I have done differently to attain the attendance and participation from that first event?

As I step down as Organizer for the 2nd time, here’s a message to other Organizers.

A problem and a curse

The most effective solution

Find a programmer to pair with, a tutor, and a mentor.

Challenge yourself and your pair programmer using these free resources:

Dedicate time each day.

Publish so that others can participate, contribute and guide you

Start applying for jobs long before you feel ready

Go learn. Find others. Hold one another accountable. Practice each day. Publish what you learn. Pay it forward.

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