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  • Steve Brown

    Steve Brown

    Futurist: Speaker, author, strategist, executive coach. Futurecasting workshops. Fascinated by how tech can shape our world for the better.

  • Joe Eames

    Joe Eames

    Mormon, Christian, Father, CEO of Thinkster.io, Organizer of @ngconf, @frameworksummit, React Conf. Front end developer, and Software Craftsmanship Evangelist.

  • Patrick Neeman

    Patrick Neeman

    UX Director. General Assembly Instructor. Whiskey drinker. Data viz geek. Runs http://www.usabilitycounts.com. Political opinions are purely my own.

  • David Christiana

    David Christiana

    Arter, Illustrationist, Anti-Anthropocentrist, Genius Loci Foundation: Nature, Art, Education, Professor at University of Arizona, Believer in Mazzy.

  • Framer Team

    Framer Team

    Create interactive product designs from start to finish—no code required. Sign up free at www.framer.com.

  • David Holifield

    David Holifield

    UX nerd, tequila snob, hockey fan and UX Lead at Disney. I tweet about User Experience and Brand Loyalty. Only person on Twitter who doesn’t drink coffee.

  • A List Apart

    A List Apart

    Since 1998, the design magazine for people who make websites.

  • Devin Smith

    Devin Smith

    “You’ve got to start with the customer experience and work backwards to the technology” — Steve Jobs

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