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On Jan. 18, 2017, I facilitated my first Meetup.

The group was called “Learn to Code JavaScript Charlotte”.

  • The event was held at Packard Place in Uptown Charlotte
  • Nearly 30 people RSVP’d, and almost all of them attended
  • It lasted around two hours with everyone participating throughout

To this day, it remains the best meetup event I ever facilitated, in my opinion.

Why was it the best?

  • Dozens of budding Software Developers
  • Together in one place — virtual or…

Unity Day 1

- Started with Learn — first Mission

- Created a UnityID

- Watched a video

- Learned about the plans

- Downloaded and installed Unity Hub

- Watched an inspirational video, ‘My First Game’

- Chose the LEGO microgame

- Launched Unity

- Completed 3 Microgame tutorials

Learned about:

I followed the signs that featured recognizable words, colors and iconography.

I parked among the hundreds of other cars.

I joined the line that was several people in length outside of the entrance.

A joyful, conversational man carrying a package full of face masks politely demanded I put one on…

You can download the Axure RP 10 Beta today

Here’s the link to download the beta

A preview of the new Axure RP 10 graphic user interface
  1. Ability to select widgets and automatically convert them to a repeater
  2. Fit-to-width and fit-to-height now apply to widgets in the prototype when their text is updated dynamically
  3. New floating data editor giving you more space to view and edit data
  4. Drag widgets from canvas and drop into any panel state
  5. Automatically resize repeaters items to content including widgets that fit to text
  6. Push/Pull entire groups rather than individual widgets in the group
  7. Easier way to add conditions before actions
  8. Hidden widgets are visible on the canvas when selected
  9. Checkboxes and radio buttons can be set to fit to text
  10. Ability to filter by satisfying ANY of the added filters (in addition to ALL)

Watching people use the prototype proved…

  1. This idea — using real-time multiplayer mini-games to facilitate technical acuity of practical web development skills — has merit
  2. Concepts like wheels and decks of cards are foreign but exciting. Short, just-in-time instructions are of utmost importance.
  3. Early adoption of a product like this will depend upon the system’s ability…

Try the game now

Play Jamstack Attack!

Click here to play Jamstack Attack!

Day 1 — Nov. 27

  • App idea: Learn Jamstack by playing with and against other people
  • Name? Jamstack Attack!
  • Preliminary Mini-games: Pair programming, Debugging Duel, Clear the stack, What’s missing?
  • Comparisons: ‘Fall Guys’, ‘Gogogo!’, ’You Don’t Know Jack’ for Web Developers

Day 2 — Nov. 28

  • 10+ funny phrases as possible ‘You Don’t Know Jack’-style category names

I can teach you how to

  • Solve Rubik’s cubes: 2x2 and 3x3
  • Tie one of over 100 knots
  • Cultivate living yeast from flour and water

I can teach you how to

  • Write semantic HTML
  • Write smarter CSS
  • Write self-documenting JavaScript

I can teach you how to

  • Be better prepared for an interview
  • Get more job descriptions based on your resume
  • Identify the right places to apply for a…

This graph appeared in my LinkedIn feed early this morning

Original data source: Chief Marketer by way of marketing charts

What I see in order

  1. Contrast creates interest: I notice the dark right-hand bars are sorted descending, making me assume a negative trend
  2. I hone in on the first bar, notice 50%…of what?…see the slightly smaller 45%…then find the label at the bottom of the pillar
  3. I start reading the labels, glancing at each pair…

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